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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Arrangements for Supervision


Arrangements for the Supervision of Pupils

Including EYFS and before and after school care


Children attending Steephill School are under the supervision of School staff from 7.00am until collected by a parent or carer. The Breakfast Club is open from 7.00am and parents are asked to sign children in. The supervision of this club is by a member of staff or designated adult and any supervisor will have completed an enhanced CRB check.

The School gate opens at 8.45am at which time responsibility for the supervision of all pupils commences. All staff have a responsibility towards pupils whether on duty or not and will have a regard for their welfare and safety at all times.


Supervision during the School Day

Class Times - teacher responsible for class

Teachers should not leave their class unattended but where unavoidable ensure that the nearest Class Teacher is available to the pupils. If a teacher needs to leave for more than a couple of minutes, assistance must be called from the Head or the School office.

Teachers should not send a child out of a class as a sanction. If a child is disruptive and needs to be removed then assistance should be sought as above.


Early Years

The supervision of children in Pre-School and Lower I is covered by the EYFS requirements at all times.


Breaktimes - Duty Teachers

During the 2 breaks each day there are two duty teachers per break; one for Upper and one for Lower School. Teachers should be prompt. Should help be needed one teacher should go for help and the other stay out on duty.


Lunchtime - Supervisors

There are normally 7 lunchtime supervisors who are assigned to the Upper School, Lower School and Early Years. They stay with the children in the lunch hall and outside at play. In case of indoor play the supervisors number enough to supervise classes.


After School Clubs - Club leaders

Sibling care is provided in classrooms for the younger siblings whose older siblings have a later end of School time.

From 3.30pm the After School Club is run in the Lower I classroom. Any children not collected at the end of the School day will also wait here for collection.


Lost Children

There are many possibilities when the whereabouts of a child may cause concern:













Failure to attend school

If a child is not in school, the Office rings home to ensure they are not expected to be in School and/or to find out the reason why they are absent.

Ring home by 9.30am. If no answer refer to HT



Parent unable to find child at end of School day

If there is reason to believe that a child may have gone home with another person (usually another parent) then parents will be phoned until the child is traced. If the child is not located then the police will be informed as soon as possible.

Search School
Ring parents
Ring Police


Child missing during the day

Children should not be able to walk out of School unseen but a determined child might.

Look in fields
Ring parents
Ring police


Child not turning up to club when expected

Often children’s arrangements are changed. The School tries to ensure all late messages are forwarded to the appropriate people. Checking the register if they are absent should be the first action.

Check register
Ring parents
Ring police

Club teacher



Children are either collected by parents, a nominee of parents; attend a School club; go to sibling care or Homework Club at the end of the School day.



Children are collected from the Pre-School School door by a parent, other family member or friend of the family that has been introduced to the Pre-School teacher (a nominee). No other person may collect unless this has been arranged with the Pre-School teacher. Any children who are staying in sibling care are kept in the Pre-School area and are collected from there by a parent.

In the event that a parent does not collect when expected the main Office is informed immediately and the family is contacted via the contact/mobile/emergency numbers available. Sibling care until 3.30pm and homework club until 5.30pm is available.


Lower School

Children in Lower 1 are released from class when the class teacher has seen the parent arrive in the car park. If a nominee is sent this must be with prior arrangement with the class teacher and/or Office. The nominee must be known to the child and whenever possible be introduced to the class teacher.

Children in Upper 1 are escorted to the gate and allowed to greet their parents in the top part of the car park. The class teacher remains until all children are collected. Any children who are not collected or are staying for a club are then escorted to the club and accompanied until the adult in charge arrives.

Children in Class 2 are allowed to collect their coats and stand in the top car park until collection. If a parent does not arrive then the child comes in and goes to Homework Club.




Upper School

Children are dismissed from class and can make their way to the top or bottom car-park at the parents’ discretion. If a child’s parent is not in the bottom car park then the child returns to School and goes to the Homework Club.

In the case that a parent does not collect when expected the homework club teacher will inform the Office immediately and the parent will be contacted for an update in arrangements. The Office holds all contact details and mobile/emergency numbers.