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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Bromley Festival of Speech & Drama

Apr 02, 2015

We had great success at the recent Bromley Festival of Music and Drama, which included categories in Pianoforte, Speech & Drama, Pianoforte, verse and musical theatre.  

Many of our budding musicians, singers and performers won prizes at the Festival, which ran throughout March.  The following talented students came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in their chosen categories, and we even had a multiple winner in the adult category!  

The amazing results were as follows: 

PIANOFORTE beginners -  Tara Bhatti - 2nd, Jasmine Bhatti - 3rd

SINGINGPeter Knight - 2nd

SPEECH & DRAMAYrs 5 & 6 Prose: Sean Kelly - 1st; Yr 1 - Verse: Meera Satisha - 2nd; Yrs 2 & 3 Prose: Jasmine Bhatti - 2nd

DAVID WALLIAMS CLASS - Sean Kelly/ Alex Chapman - 3rd 

DRAMA YEAR 6 & BELOW - Dhruv Mali 1st

YEAR 3 VERSE - Jasmine Bhatti 88 1STand Challenge Cup

YEAR 4 VERSE - Dhruv Mali- 85 1st, Freya McCune 85, Tara Bhatti 85 Joint 2nd

YEAR 5 VERSE- Aniketh Satisha 1st; Simar Raina

YEAR 4 PROSE - Tara Bhatti 84 Honours; Dhruv Mali  

MUSICAL THEATRE SOLO - Maria Jarvis 85 1st and Stratfordian-Alexandra Trophy

MUSICAL THEATRE GROUP - Steephill Musical Theatre Group 871st and Stratfordian-Bickley Trophy: Katie McCune, Rebecca Hori, Amelia Vennard, Sanaa Sange, Anna Mather, Charlotte Hooper, Maria Jarvis, Peter Knight, Joshua Nicholls, Lara Eyre, Amy Neal, Aniketh Satisha, Natalie Kuyinu, Amber Furness, Freya McCune, Olivia Crane, James Hori, Jasmine Bhatti.  

Huge congratulations to all our winners, and also to Mrs Saul who won the adult show songs, the adult duet with one of our past parents Karen Kennedy, and Mrs Saul also came 2nd in the adult folk song category.