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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Upper I

Summer Term Curriculum Overview




Upper 1 have been beavering away with a variety of projects this week as usual. We have managed to complete some amazing paintings which I will be very proud to put on here once they are mounted - I don't want to give too much away but they are very colourful and a lot of effort and skill has gone into completing them.


In maths we have been focusing on 2D and 3D shapes this week, as well as having lots of fun tackling a range of maths games and activities to challenge thinking and develop problem solving abilities in the areas of shape, number, pattern and general logic. The children really enjoyed working in this way and we will be doing more of the same in the weeks to come. We've learned about odd and even numbers too as a couple of people weren't sure of them. 


Our English lessons have involved writing about our half term holidays in our best handwriting with perfect punctuation, and also we've done some comprehension exercises together based on developing a fantasy story about a boy who builds a sand castle which comes to life!


In science, we talked more about plants and what sort of soil they need to grow, where soil comes from and the role of worms!


In R.E. we had an amazing discussion about creation and who God is, and the children wrote their own thoughts down about God - it was really interesting to hear all their ideas and to see them having quite a debate among themselves.


I'm busy writing reports at the moment, so will just give you the links to some maths games as promised before I sign off and get back to them. 


MATHS GAMES HOMEWORK - this game is great for practicing times tables - set it to test you on the ones you need to practice.  - a fun game to consolidate the shapes work from this week. - a 100 square game - guess the number of the treasure (higher or lower)





 I'm so proud of Upper 1's country dancing at the Fete! Well done to every single one of you (and to Class 2 as well), you all danced really well. Thank you to Mrs Saul and Miss Harvey for all their hard work as well. It was lovely to see so many parents and families at the Fete too.


In maths last week we've been working on our subtraction again, bridging 10 when taking away. We've done some more work on capacity too. Our times tables knowledge is getting really good now, and every one is making progress towards learning times tables they didn't know before - keep it up! It's lovely to have such keen mathematicians in school!


Here is a new game to practice subtraction - SUPERHERO SUBTRACTION - Have a go! 


Our English work this week was focusing on comprehension and also on our topic this week of letter writing. We all enjoyed "The Jolly Postman" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg which is a gorgeous book full of different letters and types of post - if you fancy your own copy to enjoy at home, you can buy it on Amazon here. 


In PHSEE we have been learning about different fruit and vegetables and have been busy cutting and sticking to sort them into different categories according to flavour, texture, etc.


Our sunflowers have just started to poke up out of the soil! We've all been recording their growth so far in our Sunflower Diaries. We hope there will be more leaves next week.


In art we have been collecting natural materials to make a collage with - it will be about our favourite out-door places.






This week we have planted our sunflower seeds in little pots. We will be keeping a diary to show how they are getting on.


We are nearly ready for our country dancing at the Fete next weekend - most of us have our hankies in school ready for the hanky dance we will be doing.


We have started to prepare for sports day later this term out on the field and are working on our skills.


In maths we have been moving forward in addition. Some of us can now add hundreds, tens and units in columns. We have haven't done any carrying yet - that's still to come later on. We are learning how important it is to begin with the units column, then the tens then the hundreds. We did some great practical work on capacity with the water and lots of different bottles and containers out in the school garden in the sunshine.


We have written some fantastic stories in English, based on the "Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone" story - we tried to include "Perfect Punctuation" (capital letters and full stops) and capital letters for names of people and places. We developed our story character, choosing their names and writing about them before we wrote the story which really helped us when it came to writing!


Following on from our trip to Shorne Woods, we have been looking at the natural sculptures of well-known sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. We tried to make our own sculptures up in the orchard, inspired by his work.






English this week has been about the story "Anancy and Mr Dry-Bone" - cut and paste this link to see it again. We did our own little plays in groups to retell the story, and now we are making up our own stories based on the same kinds of characters.


Maths has been all about an addition skill called Bridging to the next 10, using out number bonds to 10 skills we've been learning to do much bigger sums:


  42 + 8 = 50  because 2 + 8 = 10, so 42 + 8 must therefore round up tot he next multiple of ten after 40. 


Some of us can now add 42 + 9 = 51 (because 42 + 8 = 50, but we have one more so it must be 51)


We found the 100 squares handy!



In science, we have started to learn about sunflowers - their life cycle, how to plant them and the different parts of a plant. We are looking forward to planting some sunflower seeds very soon!



Our trip to Godstone Farm was very exciting and we got to stroke lots of different animals, ride on a tractor, learn about lots of different farm animals and play in a fantastic playground. (Pictures to follow)


We've also been finding out about how the Victorians used to spend time at the seaside, and how their days out were different from ours.



Bank Holiday has arrived! Upper 1 will need a rest after another busy week:


As you can see below, we had a super trip to Shorne Country Park and Mrs Heseltine said we behaved extremely well. We're looking forward to the Lower School trip on Wednesday next week.


We did some typing about our trip to Shorne Woods, using Microsoft Word - we tried really hard with the spelling and we all printed our own work off on the printer. Then we did a picture - see below!


We've been consolidating our column addition skills this week and brushing up on subtraction skills. Mrs Brown teaches us maths on a Wednesday afternoon and we learned how to make a block graph about our favourite sweets. Mrs Heseltine gave us a new style of tables test - 'Pirate Times Tables', and we did pretty well for a first attempt. We had fun playing the snake addition to 10 game on the computer -  who can get the highest score? (cut and paste this to your browser to play - sorry, having a technical hitch inserting clickable links!)


In English we've been hearing the Dragon Dinosaur story and writing about our favourite part and writing a reason we like it. We also found out what makes a good story teller - expression, voices for the characters, actions and acting, eye contact with the audience, humour and a good story to tell. Next we will be focusing on other traditional stories, and handwriting in particular, so we can perhaps earn a handwriting badge!


Up on the netball court, we learned a new game to teach us to throw accurately at a target and to defend a target - we had fun trying to score as many points as possible.


Our country dancing lesson went well with Class 2, and we're looking forward to performing at the fete in a few weeks time. Perhaps we could practise at home to make sure we remember all the steps.


We looked at some maps - of Kent, the UK, Europe and the World. Upper 1 have been to lots of countries, and we found them on the maps on the smart board. These included Canterbury, Wales, Scotland, Holland, Spain, Austria, Dubai, Nigeria, Ukraine, Canada, India and the USA.


In art we will be learning more about sculpture, after seeing all the unusual sculptures at the country park this week. We will be finding out more about different sculpting materials and different sculptors.



We typed about our visit to Shorne Country Park and drew pictures - we hope you like them!

On Thursday we had a great morning at Shorne Country Park.



Welcome back everybody! it sounds like you've all had a lovely time over Easter judging by the children's writing in their English books.


We seem to have had a very busy three days already this term! Activities have included:


Learning column addition with tens and units (no carrying yet but we'll be working on it soon!)


Hearing some traditional tales - here's the link to "Dragon Dinosaur" if you want to hear it again at home -

We'll be working on this story more next week.


We also heard another traditional tale, "The Gingerbread Man," while we were eating our fruit -


We had a fun time learning about instructions for using technology in ICT - we got to use a toaster and make our own hot buttered toast! Of course, we had to write about how we did it as well, and put the pictures in order so we could follow what we had to do.


We've been getting something special together in preparation for Father's Day later in the summer - but it's a secret of course, so don't tell Dad!


In science we have been exploring the plants that grow in our garden at school and making a map to show what is growing and where it can be found. I wonder if you have some of the same plants growing at home...


We did really well at learning our Country Dance with Mrs Saul, myself and Miss Harvey; they were impressed with how well we did on our first attempt. There was some particularly good sideways galloping and everyone listened and followed instructions brilliantly well. Will we remember it all for next week I wonder?!



Maths Number Games


Number Bond Games:


How speedy are you at adding pairs of numbers to 10?

Play this bubble burst game to find out if you can keep up!


Once you've mastered that, try number bonds to 20 here:



Addition Games:


Love space games? This one's for you - if you're great at adding you'll be safe from invading alien craft!



Subtraction Games:


Can your duck win the race? Super quick taking away will get you over the line first!





Upper 1 Easter Cards

Upper 1 Easter Cards 1 Upper I: Easter Cards


What a busy last week of term!


Upper 1 have been busy preparing for Easter this week. 


We have done some beautiful water colour patterns which have been turned into 3 pretty eggs on the front of our Easter cards. We are very proud of our work! We used our best handwriting to write inside the cards, and added some careful colouring in of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies to complete the look of our cards.


We have practised very hard to learn all the words to "Lord of the Dance" and "Morning has Broken" which we sang in church at the Easter Service. Thank you to all the parents who came along to be part of the service on Thursday afternoon.


We have been learning about the Easter Story this week, and we enjoyed Mrs Clarke's Easter Assembly - some of us got chosen to go out to the front and be disciples, and Joshua was chosen to be Jesus - well done everyone!


We all tried our hardest at the Lower School Quiz - we'll be working out all the answers at home and learning them over the holidays to see who can do the best when we try it again next term!


We absolutely loved watching Year 3 and 4 doing their dress rehearsal for Troy Story - it was amazing!


We have been learning about graphs in maths.


We all have 2 new library books to read over the Easter Holiday, and also some activities to do at home for homework, including a painting of an outdoor scene.


We've also been learning about different types of transport and how land can be used - we made some landscape  jigsaw puzzles and cut them out.



Look Mummies, Happy Mother's Day from Upper 1!

Welcome to Upper I!

Welcome to Upper I's class page, we will be sharing all sorts of news, updates and information here about the goings on in our class.


24.3.17.   This week we have been busy as usual:


* Learning to use coins and to give change from small amounts of money.


* Practising telling the time - o'clock and half past. Also working out the time one hour earlier and one hour later.


* Learning about the seasons of the year and their main features.


* We have all tried to learn to say the months off by heart - some of us can now do this really well! We will keep practising.

You can have a go at home too - here's a song to help you on your way: MONTHS OF THE YEAR SONG


* We have been doing comprehension work based on sensory poems - one about buying a cookie, and another about tastes we don't like!


*We finished off writing our Cat in the Hat stories - some of them were funny!


* Our science topic is about sound and hearing.


* We have been preparing a secret for our Mummies for Mothering Sunday - SHHH! Don't tell! ;-)

 (This has involved some rather splendid art work... Mrs Heseltine really loved it!)


* We've been busy reading our reading books and practicing our handwriting - lots of us can now join up really well and we're all improving a lot. We've had spelling and times tables tests too.


* We've begun learning about Easter - this week we learned about Palm Sunday and drew a picture of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, while people waved palm branches to celebrate. We did some nice writing about it to practise our joined up writing.


* We read through the 'Class Rules' to make sure we all knew what they were. We thought about how we could get better at keeping them all to help us have an even happier time together.


* We have been looking after our new 'Posh Pencils' (with our names on) - we are not allowed to lose them or chew them!


Picture 1 Van Gogh inspired pastel work
Picture 2 Van Gogh inspired pastel work
Picture 3 Tigers
Picture 4 Tasty Poem using adjectives and nouns
Picture 5 Weaving