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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Autumn term 2

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

we will see you all in 2019!!!

Best wishes from

Miss Harvey and Mrs Light xx

Christmas fun

The Children enjoying their Christmas Dinner

The Inn-Spector's


The children have been working incredibly hard this term on our Christmas nativity titled 'The Inn - Spectors'.

Despite the nerves, the children managed to pull off a fantastic performance to all of the parents. I am really proud of all the children and their efforts.

Enjoying birthday cakes ... thank you Avisha

International day

Well done to everyone who put a tremendous amount of effort into researching their country and presenting what they had found out. We had a fantastic morning sharing information and discussing the countries. It is always great to see such a variety of ways to present facts from posters and pictures to displays of dancing and of course sharing foods. We all particularly enjoyed having a go at 'The Limbo'.

Well done everyone!

Remembrance day


This week we celebrated remembrance day. We learnt a little bit about the way and why have a special day to remember all the brave soldiers that lost their lives. The children wrote a lovely letter to the soldiers thanking them for their bravery. 

Touch typing


Please have a look at the ICT tap for some games to help the children with their touch typing skills.

Alphabetical order


This week we have been looking at the alphabet and how to order words alphabetically. Some of us are really brilliant at this and can order words starting with the same letter.


Below I have attached some links so that you can play some games and practice at home.

Bird quiz


Well done to everyone in Upper I for spending some time to learn the birds. We had some very high scores!


The winners were Saskia and Avisha who both scored full marks! Well done girls.

Forest School


We have had a cold couple of sessions up in Forest School since being back. The children don't seem to mind this at all and have enjoyed wrapping up all warm and cosy. 

So far this term the children have enjoyed a number of activities including;


making a clay hedgehog

den building

collecting fire wood

tree rubbings


making mud pies and potions

Happy Halloween


This week we have had a Halloween focus. 

In English we have looked at the story 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson. The children had to retell the story using different time connectives to help sequence the events. 


We then looked at pictures of different witches and thought of AMAZING adjectives to describe a witch. The children then wrote a description on 'how to identify a witch' using these adjectives.


In Maths, we have solved a Halloween sudoku puzzle making sure that we were following the pattern. We then had to make a witches spell, making sure that we had the correct power rating. I have attached this sheet below as the children really enjoyed making different potions. 

Brilliant Homework


I have enjoyed looking through everyone's homework book this week. Some of you made a really fantastic effort. Here are some of my favourite bits.

Maths overview



I have attached a new class timetable below. 

This term there is no set time for golden time, however if the children are extra good (which they always are) then they will get some golden time. I will send a message to let you know when this happens. 

Please be aware that this term we are going to be busy with the Christmas play, so the timetable gets a little muddled as we try to fit in as much as possible. We will still aim to read with the children as often as we can but again, this may not be every day as we have lots of exciting activities that we will be doing.

Welcome back … it sounds like you have all had an exciting half term. I have loved hearing all about your adventures and looking at some of your pictures. 


We have an exciting and busy half term ahead of us so I hope that you have had a good rest and are ready for the fun to begin.


Miss Harvey smiley