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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Autumn Term 2019

Sunflowers, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh 

Wednesday 18th September 

Today we carried on with our art topic, Mother Nature Design. We found out about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and then recreated our own versions. First we observed the sunflowers closely and then we sketched the sunflowers. After that we used pastels to give our creations some colour. We hope that you like our pieces of art work. 

Autumn Term Week 1-2 

Welcome to the Class II page! 

We have only been back two weeks but we have been working very hard already. In Maths we have been increasing our knowledge of place value and our ability to represent numbers in different ways. Children have been using lots of different concrete resources such as Dienes blocks, numicon and place value counters in order to make learning practical and fun. Please look at the main page for links to maths games if you would like to keep on practising at home. 

In English we have been looking at lots of different traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk. Traditional tales are stories that have been retold for many years, they also always have a problem, a solution and a happy ending. We will continue with this topic for the next couple of weeks. 

Children have also enjoyed making land art out of natural materials, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, have identified the countries, capital cities, flags and landmarks of the United Kingdom in Geography and have learnt about living, non-living and never lived materials in science. 


What a busy few weeks already!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, see you next week. 


Miss Neeson :) 



Autumn Term 2018 


 We have been very creative in Class II this week making cushions. Children designed some fantastic cushions and worked really hard to make them. Some of the sewing was very fiddly and difficult but the whole of Class II persevered despite the challenge. Next week we will evaluate the cushions as part of our DT project. 


I was so impressed with all the creations that next week we will be enjoying a class treat. It was fantastic to see Class II working so hard together, you should all be very proud of your creations.  Don't they look fantastic?


Well done Class II!

Halloween Fun

As it's Halloween this week, we thought that we would carve some pumpkins in Class II. Children worked in pairs to design a face which they then drew onto their pumpkins. We all enjoyed removing the squishy pulp from the pumpkins- have a look at some of the funny faces we pulled as we first put our hands into the pumpkins!!!! We then practised our Maths skills by accurately weighing out different amounts of pumpkin using kitchen scales. We all had a lot of fun! 

Our English this week has also been linked to Halloween. We have been using alliteration to create some spooky spells and writing alternative endings to a Halloween story. Next week we will start learning about another very important event, the story behind Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes. 


In Class II we loved learning about instructions. Throughout the week we completed many activities, building up to creating our own cupcakes! Children had to find all the ingredients and equipment around the room and then put the steps of the instructions together in the right order. All the children had a go at reading the instructions, weighing the ingredients and mixing them all together. In the afternoon we enjoyed decorating our cupcakes. 


Crusty and Tiny the tortoises 

The  Lower School were lucky enough to get a visit from Crusty and Tiny before they went into hibernation. The tortoises came to visit us in Class II. All the children had a go at feeding the lovely tortoises. 


Natural Art

We have been exploring line, shape, colour and texture in natural forms. We have created art using and based on natural objects such as sticks, stones, flowers and other natural objects. 

We started the topic by looking at Andy Goldsworthy who produces natural sculptures and land art. We then went on to create observational drawings, collages, leaf painting and printing. Here are some pictures of our creations. 




Estimating amounts:

This week in Maths we have been testing out our estimation skills. Children carried out a practical activity by putting some pasta into a bowl and then estimating how many pieces of pasta they had. After children had estimated how many pieces of pasta they had they then counted the pasta. So that children didn't lose track of how many pieces of pasta they had, they counted them in groups of 10 when using larger amounts.