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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Welcome to Steephill Pre-School.


  • Where we aim to enable each child to learn through a rich, warm, safe, secure, caring environment.
  • Offering a wide and varying continuous provision both in and outside the classroom.
  • We engage in activities that allow children to learn independently and at their own pace.
  • Giving children opportunity to experience wonder/awe/magical and spiritual activities.
  • Learning is fun with a balance of child/adult led activities.    

The beginning of another school year.

Welcome to Autumn Term 2018!

Our termly document with dates and information. Please read.

Wednesday 12th December,2018.


It is hard to believe that another year is almost over. Your children have been working really hard and having lots of fun along the way. The Nativity was, as i am sure you will agree amazing. Such little children all performing on stage to a crowded room. They were all exceptional and a real credit to you all.

The addition of the Elf on the Shelf has been hilarious!

The children love to find him in the mornings and are amazed at how he moves around the room unnoticed.

He caused great hilarity yesterday morning when they found him sitting down on top of the post box eating cake!! He then, somehow, managed to move on to some apparatus and he looked as if he was doing his exercises!! It is a very special time for young children and for us too. Pre-School is a very happy place to be and we all love it.

So today will be the last performance of this years Nativity.

Tomorrow Thursday all the children will be here for Christmas lunch followed by the Carol service down at the church.

Friday the Panto....

School finishes for all at 1pm.


Looking forward to the new term. We have six new children joining us in January. If you can make meeting on the 9th Jan. at 2.30 p.m that would be great. Welcome new parents and chat about forthcoming term events. Will add some photographs below. 


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Maureen, Amanda and Tracey x  

Picture 1 Board games.
Picture 2 Board games.
Picture 3 Board games.
Picture 4 Board games.
Picture 5 Exciting time opening post box
Picture 1 Elliot was a great lamb. Baa....
Picture 2 Aarav as Joseph - spoke out beautifully.
Picture 3 Ayla a confident Angel.
Picture 4 Mary and Joseph together.
Picture 5 Mary with a beautiful smile.
Picture 6 Happy Angels together.
Picture 7 Brilliant Village Inn Keeper!

Friday 30th November,2018

Practise for The Nativity is going really well. Your children have learnt their lines and are enjoying practise performances. 

We have been continuing with our Christmas crafts and the room is looking very festive! Thank you to Mrs. Knight who kindly sent in "The Elf On The Shelf". The children are fascinated by him; especially his ability to move around unnoticed!


International day was good. I will post a couple of pictures below - also some of your children taking care whilst painting their clay pots. 

Picture 1 We said Bonjour and told some facts about France
Picture 2 In the classroom we counted and sang in French.
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Friday 23rd November, 2018


Nativity practise is underway. Children are starting to remember their lines and it is coming together nicely. We are performing with Kestrels and Hawks. We have costumes. It will be just small incidentals that you will need to supply, things such as tights/socks. I will let you know individually next week.   

We have amongst other things, been making some clay candle holders for Christmas. 

All of your children were quite happy with the cold slimy feel of clay and loved the mess!!

Picture 1 Lovely wet hands!
Picture 2 Using fingers to make shape.
Picture 3 Finishing touches!
Picture 4 Thumbs pressed in to make hole.
Picture 5 Using clay tools.
Picture 6 This is slippery!
Picture 7 Making patterns,
Picture 8 This is cold!
Picture 9 Smoothing the clay.
Picture 10 It's so cold and wet!
Picture 11 i like doing this.
Picture 12 Making a cone reindeer.

Friday 16th November,2018

We have now officially started our Christmas crafts. Mrs. Latter is so excited!! If you would like to send in Christmas story books that can be read at school, then please do. 

Can i remind you that all children are involved in the Xmas Nativity "Gifts for a King". Children will need to be here on afternoons of  Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th December. Arriving at about 12.30 if it is not their usual day. If this is difficult because of your commitments then we will be happy to have children all day. We perform our dress rehearsal to the whole school on the Monday then to parents/family on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All are welcome to attend the Carol Service on Thursday 13th. Do come along if you can it is a really lovely service.

Pre-School children are all invited to attend Friday 14th for the Pantomime. A Christmas Carol. This is brought to us by an outside company.

School finishes for everyone at 1 pm on Friday 14th.

We have been very lucky with the mild weather. I doubt it will stay like this (although it would be nice if it did!!). Which leads me on to Forest School - you may like to invest in a cheap pair of snow boots for your child. I understand that ASDA sell them for £10. The ground becomes very hard and solid in the Forest and often children complain about cold feet. Wellie boots are not always warm enough, even with thick socks. 



We collected and played with leaves after Forest School on Thursday.
Picture 1 We had fun...
Picture 2 Collecting,...
Picture 3 and throwing leaves....
Picture 4 high in the air!!

12th November, 2018

It's getting towards that time of year again!! Christmas!! The children have all been given their parts in the Nativity.

Please can you help them to learn their lines, i will put them in their bags.

Thank you.


5th - 9th November.

This week we revisted talk about firework safety. Watched Class 3 assembly about Guy Fawkes. The children really enjoyed this. We made individual firework pictures using natural materials, splash painted fireworks in the night sky and we also made rockets.

We celebrated Diwali (The Festival of Lights) this week. Making divas and rangoli patterns. We watched a short video showing how people Spring clean and decorate their homes. 


Attaching some photographs of celebration party that took place last Friday. Plus few other pictures. 

Picture 1 Party fun!
Picture 2 Darcey won this game.
Picture 3 Apple bobbing.
Picture 4 Olivia won this game.
Picture 5 Our Diwali display.
Picture 6 Making Diva's.
Picture 7 Making a Diva.
Picture 8 Splash firework painting. .
Picture 9 Splash firework painting.
Picture 10 Splash firework painting.
Picture 11 Splash firework painting,
Picture 12 Splash firework painting.
Picture 13 Pencil work, Tracing.
Picture 14 Pencil work, letter formation and colouring.
Picture 15 Finger painting.
Picture 16 Finger painting.

Half term went very quickly.  We hope you all had a lovely break. 

Lots of fun things to look forward to this half term.


29th October - 2nd November



The children made "spooky" pumpkin faces. Lights out, blinds down, candle alight and shadows of "spooky" faces on the wall!!


Children have enjoyed Winnie the Witch stories. An apple bobbing assembly. Halloween music and movement session. 

Wednesday children made Halloween cakes. We took some home and donated the rest to FOSS Halloween bake sale.

Picture 1 Halloween cake bake
Picture 2 Halloween cake bake
First Forest School visit this half term. The first time it has ever rained in the fifteen months that we have been going. It was great fun!! Everyone had a great time.
Picture 1 Waiting to go.
Picture 2 Darcey jumping over a log!
Picture 3 Aarav dancing in the rain!
Picture 4 Elliot star jumping!
Picture 5 Ayla trying to tip water off of the canopy!
Picture 6 Olivia tree hugging!

It is hard to believe that we have reached half term. We are not quite sure where the time has gone! Wishing you a lovely two week break.


Your children have been really busy and have decorated the classroom with some beautiful Autumn craft.

We have made visits to Cyclopark and Pizza Express. Harvest Festival was in the beautiful St. Mary's Church Fawkham.  



Picture 1 Harvest crafts.
Picture 2 Harvest crafts.
Picture 3 Harvest crafts.
Picture 4 Harvest crafts.
Picture 5 Harvest crafts.

Tuesday, 9th October.

We had great fun at Pizza Express. We went by School bus. We ate our delicious pizza for lunch.


Picture 1 Harry the chef showing us how to stretch dough.
Picture 2 Aarav is trying to stretch his dough to the edge!
Picture 3 Olivia has done a good job!
Picture 4 Harry brings the tomato sauce for base.
Picture 5 Wow you have spread yours really well!
Picture 6 spreading cheese all over!
Picture 7 Delicious smells when boxes were opened..
Picture 8 Tucking in!!
Picture 9 Enjoying!!

Monday, 8th October.

Don't forget Tuesday children are off to Pizza Express to make pizzas tomorrow. Yum! Will load photographs later this week.

Thursday 4th October. Our Fizz and Friends music and movement session. 
Picture 1 We were little seeds.
Picture 2 Starting to slowly grow.
Picture 3 From seed to sunflower.
We made a scarecrow as part of our Autumn Harvest.
Picture 1 We did laugh his head kept falling off!!
Picture 2 We fixed it with sticky tape!

Tuesday, 3rd October. Crusty and Tiny tortoises came to visit.

Crusty and Tiny visit us every year before going into hibernation.

They were the focus of our Assembly this morning and all infant children were able to see them. 

Picture 1 Here comes Tiny!
Picture 2 He likes to eat cucumber.
Picture 3 Crusty is on his way!
Picture 4 Crusty likes cucumber and lettuce!.
Picture 5 Come on Crusty! He is so slow!!
Picture 6 He has a very hard back.

Pre-School Bakers. 21.09.18 

Firstly, just to let you know that both Mrs. Latter and myself hold a level 2 Food  Hygiene certificate.


We made three different kinds of bread rolls. White, farmhouse brown and cheese and tomato.

We tasted the end products and unanimously the cheese and tomato were voted the favourite! 

Picture 1 Hands washed and ready to go!
Picture 2 Pouring measured water into mixture.
Picture 3 This is really sticky!
Picture 4 I am not sure that i like this!
Picture 5 Rolling into ball shapes.
Picture 6 Maybe it is not so bad!
Picture 7 Look cooked and ready to eat.
Picture 8 They smell so delicious.
Picture 9 Time for tasting - yummy!!

Bug hunting in the sensory garden.

Monday 17th September.


We had fun using our magnifying glasses in the Sensory Garden.


Picture 1 We got very close to nature!
Picture 2 Investigating flowers.
Picture 3 This one is so pretty, it is pink!
Picture 4 Discussing our findings.
Picture 5 Is this an ant on the table?

Cylopark Visit, Friday 14th September.

We arrived about 9.30. The children were very excited to go on the school bus!! 

We had snacks and a drink in the park. On the way out we bought ice lollies and sat and ate them whilst waiting for the bus to take us back to school.      


Picture 1 Swing time.
Picture 2 Walking a narrow beam.
Picture 3 Here i come!
Picture 4 In the house.
Picture 5 Rope swing.
Picture 6 Crossing the bridge.
Picture 7 Swing time.
Picture 8 Climbing.
Picture 9 Snack time.
Picture 10 Sand castles.
Picture 11 Raising sand using pulley chain.
Picture 12 Sand play.
Picture 13 Sand cascading through a tunnel.
Picture 14 Time for ice lollies.
We had fun making "Rocky Road" on Wednesday. On Thursday we enjoyed eating them in the garden with some of our friends.
Picture 1 We are going to make "Rocky Road"!
Picture 2 This chocolate is really hard to break!
Picture 3 How many cup cakes do i need?
Picture 4 This is getting hard to stir!
Picture 5 It is very messy!
Picture 6 An afternoon snack with friends!
Picture 7 Cheers!!
Remember we are off to the Cyclo Park next Friday 14th. All Pre-School children are invited.
We have been lucky with the weather this week. Here are a few photographs taken this week. 
Picture 1 Painting in the garden.
Picture 2 Cooking lots of food for the picnic.
Picture 3 Bubbles on the lower field.
Picture 4 Looking for nature interest for our table.
Picture 5 Flying high!
Picture 6 A painting of a new friend.
Picture 7 Putting finishing touches to painting.
Picture 8 Colouring harvest fruits.
Picture 9 Look at me!
Picture 10 Come on lets play!
Picture 1 Time for ICT
Picture 2 Top field paly equipment
Picture 3 Watch me!
Picture 4 Look i'm climbing!
Picture 5 Mr. Potato head fun.

Just an update to let you know date for cyclo park. This will be friday 14th September. All Pre-School children are welcome to attend for the whole day. We will travel by school mini bus leaving about 9.15 returning just before lunch.

Unfortunately, the pizza express trip on 4th October is only open to  children who usually attend on that day.

Year 2017/18 view below.



Time is going so quickly. Only three more weeks until the end of term!

How are your sunflowers and runner beans doing?

The ones that we kept at school are doing well.


So to the competition for the sunflowers. Can you send pictures and height of your sunflower during week beginning 9th July. Competition winner will be announced on Thursday 12th, so make sure that you send in before 12th. 

Picture 1 Asmi and Shereen showing off our growing!!
Picture 2 They are as tall as Shereen.
Picture 3 Asmi looking at the red flowers on the bean plant.

We have harvested our potatoes that we planted back in early Spring.

Today we cleaned, boiled and ate them. They were very good!

Picture 1 Oh no! Dirty potatoes!!
Picture 2 Clean boiled potatoes.
Picture 3 Yum! Eating our boiled potatoes!!
11.6.18 - Owl display.
Picture 1 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 2 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 3 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 4 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 5 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 6 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 7 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 8 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 9 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 10 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 11 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 12 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 13 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 14 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 15 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Picture 16 What a lovely start to a Monday morning,
Friday afternoon after the farm visit.
Picture 1 Shaving foam fun after the farm.
Picture 2 Shaving foam fun after the farm.
Picture 3 How messy!!
Picture 4 Play dough sharing.
We had a lovely morning at the farm. The weather was good to us. Farmer John and Farmer Bill were very patient and kind.  The dog was very friendly. 
Picture 1 The ducks!!
Picture 2 Feeding the ducks.
Picture 3 Goose chase!
Picture 4 Feeding the geese.
Picture 5 Lots of ducks gather for food.
Picture 6 Lots of baby ducks to feed.
Picture 7 Feeding goslings.
Picture 8 Having fun on the play equipment.
Picture 9 Farmer John's dog.
Picture 10 Sitting on the wing of a plane.
Picture 11 Hey, look at me!!
Picture 12 The tractor is here.
Picture 13 Watch me spin!
Picture 14 All aboard.
Picture 15 Is the dog coming too?
Picture 16 This is fun.
Picture 17 Looking at the geese.
Picture 18 It was very bumpy!!
Picture 19 Yes the dog did come too.
Picture 20 Hold on tight!
Picture 21 What was that noise.
Picture 22 We need to take the box for our rhubarb.
Picture 23 Beep beep!
Picture 24 All aboard we are off.
Picture 25 Thank you to Farmer John and Farmer Bill.
Picture 26 A talk about pulling rhubarb.
Picture 27 Here we go.
Picture 28 No you need to pull from the root!
Picture 29 That's better!
Picture 30 Two leaves.
Picture 31 What a big leaf.
Picture 32 Looking at the chickens.
Picture 33 They have laid eggs.
Friday children are off to Broadditch Farm this Friday 18th May. Don't forget to log in to see what we have been doing!
This Thursday 17th May is Pre-School Assembly. It starts at 9.10 and last 15 - 20 mins, you are welcome to come and watch. I am sorry but only children who attend on Thursdays will be involved. 
Picture 1 Where has the ball gone.
Picture 2 Making a den with dry grass.
Picture 3 Looking at buttercups and daisies.
Picture 4 How is the den building going?
Picture 5 Not very well!!
Picture 6 Team work.
Picture Updates 8th - 14th May. 
Picture 1 Sloppy sand pancakes!
Picture 2 Look at my hands!
Picture 3 Cooking food, sorry what was your order again?
Picture 4 Waiting for dinner!
Picture 5 Self service!.
Picture 6 Dinner at last!
Picture 7 Making fish using triangles.
Picture 8 This looks interesting!
Picture 9 Bubbles!!
Picture 10 Well done, super star!.
Picture 1 Busy making a robot using square shapes.
Picture 2 Bubble fun.
Picture 3 Bubble fun,
Picture 4 Bubble fun.
Picture 5 More bubbles.
Picture 6 The three musketeers.
Picture 7 Sharing a hoop.
Picture 8 Time for a rest.
Picture 9 Daisy picking.
Picture 10 Play tray time.
Picture 11 Play tray time.
Picture 12 Having fun on the computer.
Picture 13 Small World play.
Picture 14 Small World play.
Picture 15 What a messy house girls!!
Picture 16 Building a castle.


Hooray sunny weather!!

More Leeds Castle.
Picture 1 Leeds Castle
Picture 2 A beautiful black swan.
Picture 3 Walking by the moat.
Picture 4 Taking a break. There was a lot of walking.
Picture 5 Role play - Sybil the Cygnet.
Picture 6 Role play Sybil the Cygnet.
Picture 7 Role play Sybil the Cygnet.
Picture 8 Role play Sybil the Cygnet.
Picture 9 We had lots of fun within the story.
Picture 10 The friendly owl.


Playtime at school.


WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 1 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 2 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 3 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 4 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 5 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 6 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 7 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 8 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 9 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 10 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 11 A beautiful sunny day
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY. 12 A beautiful sunny day
19.4.18 This morning in Forest School.
Picture 1 Holly on the climbing tree.
Picture 2 Sofia's turn.
Picture 3 Fun with friends.
Picture 4 Whittling.
Picture 5 Fun with friends.
Picture 6 identifying leaves.
Picture 7 Sharing.
Picture 8 Making a boundary.
Picture 9 Top of a den.
Picture 10 In the climbing tree.
Picture 11 Learning to whittle.
Picture 12 More whittling,
Hooray!! It is sunny today.
Picture 1 Looks like Summer. Making daisy chains.
Picture 2 This is fun!!

FOSS Easter Fun


We had lots of fun at the Easter egg hunt. Thank you FOSS. 

Picture 1 Easter fun!!
Picture 2 Easter fun!!
Picture 3 Easter fun!!
Picture 4 Easter fun!!
Picture 5 Easter fun!!
Picture 6 Easter fun!!
Picture 7 Holly won the egg rolling competition. Well done!

Pre-School - Learn to Code.


 Wednesday, 21st March. Miles' mum came into school today. She showed the children how to code a caterpillar; moving it in different directions. Thank you very much for coming, the children had a lovely time and really enjoyed it. They have been talking about brains all afternoon!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Steephill Young Growers 

On Tuesday 20th March, we visited Millbrook Garden Centre. Where we were able to sow sunflower and runner bean seeds, with the help of Chris and Lauren. A drink and snack was also provided. Thank you Millbrook!!   





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Mother's Day - 11th MARCH, 2018


Pre-School children have worked very hard with their sewing this term. We hope that you enjoyed the outcome!! The children started making these back in January and completed just in time for Mother's Day, (due to the fact that we lost a week with snow!!). Here are some pictures of the finished cushions.

Picture 1 Mother's Day cushions
Picture 2 Mother's Day cushions
Picture 3 We made flower basket cards.

Tuesday 6th February, 2018.

Science Day At School.

We had so much fun. The children had lots of ideas as to how they wanted to use materials available to them. I don't think that we have ever had such a quiet class!! 

I think that you can see by the concentration and expressions on the children's faces that they had a really good morning.
Picture 1 Tiyi worked from a picture to build this.
Picture 2 Marshmallow/kebab stick weightbearing tower
Picture 3 How tall can i make this?
Picture 4 Play dough and spaghetti pyramid.
Picture 5 Lego man admiring the view!!
Picture 6 This was difficult spaghetti broke easily.
Picture 7 Our imaginations - lots of communication.
Picture 8 We helped each other - team work.
Picture 9 Wow - this is looking great.
Picture 10 Ooops! sorry upside down. Good concentration girls
Picture 11 Real determination with straws and mallows.
Picture 12 This reminds me of the O2.
Picture 13 This is looking busy.
Picture 14 We share and have fun.
Picture 15 What a lovely smile!!



It was very busy in Pre-School on the lead up to Christmas. All the Christmas craft, our Nativity Children From Around The World, Christmas lunch and not forgetting the Carol service down at the church!!


International Day 21st November,2017

Pre-School enjoyed listening about facts from other countries. A lovely show of costumes. They were each able to say a few words hello/goodbye and some counted to five in the language of country that they represented. It was interesting to hear the greetings in Yoruba (A Nigerian Language), Greek and Spanish. Miles spoke about Greece from the picture that he had made. Asmi and Sofia counted to five in Punjab.

They were all confident and spoke out to the rest of the school during International Day Assembly. 

Picture 1 Miles talked about Greece.
Picture 2 Shereen and Josie said hello in Spanish
Picture 3 Tiyi
Picture 4 Alexander
Picture 5 and Temikemi said Hello/bye in Nigerian
Picture 6 Sofia and
Picture 7 Asmi counted to five in Punjabi
Diwali Celebrations
Picture 1
We had a great party; dancing, party food and games. We had pass the parcel!! Sofia won the parcel prize. Well done!!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Crusty and Tiny came to visit before hibernation
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Lunch time play  
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Some activities