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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

Home Page

Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Welcome to Pre-School

Picture 1 Having a break!
Picture 2 Out on the top field.
Picture 3 Using sensory ball/torches in our large black tent
Picture 4 Having fun with friends in small tent.
Picture 1 Holly sewing flowers for her cushion.
Picture 2 Shadow birds
Picture 3 Tiyi and Howard flying off.
Picture 4 Poetry competition winners.
Picture 1 Unifix cubes numbers 1 - 10.
Picture 2 Pencil work.
Picture 3 Anirudh is proud of his model.
Picture 4 Building together, team work.
Picture 1 Growing potatoes.
Picture 2 Craft work.
Picture 3 White board marking.
Picture 4 We have built a tall tower.

Steephill is an independent school set in the beautiful Kent countryside near Dartford for children aged three to eleven.


Steephill Pre-School has been around since 1935. We used to call it the Nursery but as education around us has changed we have renamed the unit Pre-School as it better reflects our ethos.  


At Steephill children can join us at 3 years old, either with the intention of staying and going on through the Main School or to be with us just the year until they go to another school.


All children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and more information on that can be found in ‘Curriculum’ section.


Here, we like to ensure that all the children are getting lots of opportunities to develop and so the EYFS curriculum is enhanced with teacher-led sessions, visits to farms, local areas, visits from dental hygienists, scientists and other stimulating activities. Photographs of some of these events can be seen in the ‘Gallery’ area.

The children have the benefit of being able to use the hall, orchard and fields of the Main School. There are lots of grounds for them to run around in and lots of area for play.


The maximum number of children we have in Pre-School on any one day is 16 so we are also able to develop social skills which are so important in today’s society.


Enjoy the website and if you have any questions, please contact us. You can also follow us on Twitter and visit our Facebook page for all the latest news and pictures of our school. 


Best Wishes

Mrs Birtwell



"We were struck by the vision of those in charge at Steephill, as well as the small class sizes plus the politeness of the children as we visited their classrooms. This all gave a friendly, family feel and made it a very easy decision when choosing a school for our son." — Year 1 parent