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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Inspection Report 2023

"My wife and I were state educated and to be honest we hadn't considered independent education for our son until relatively late in the process.

As it got closer to us needing to make a decision I was passing time on my commute and looked up local independent schools without any great expectation of sending our son to one.

I was not born locally and therefore didn't know what was on offer and was surprised to find a number of options within a reasonable distance of our home.

Location was an immediate draw because as a family we love the Great Outdoors. Some further reading and a meeting with the Headteacher further cemented the idea that Steephill was the sort of establishment where we would love our son to be educated. The vision of those in charge, the small class sizes plus the politeness of the children as we visited their classrooms gave an overriding friendly family feel which all came together to make it a very easy decision in the end.

We don't want our son to grow up too quickly but a few months into his new life at the Steephill Pre-school we know we have made a wise decision which he will benefit from in the years to come."

Every three years the school is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). All schools must be inspected but as we belong to the Independent Schools Association (ISA) this is carried out by the ISI rather than Ofsted. However, the process is similar.


In June 2023, our Compliance Inspection confirmed that Steephill School is fully compliant in all areas.


In May 2019, our Educational Quality Inspection and Focused Compliance Inspection confirmed that at Steephill School:

  • Academic Achievement is EXCELLENT
  • Pupils' Personal Development is EXCELLENT

(Academic Achievement and Personal Development are each given a rating of either excellent (the same as Ofsted outstanding), good, satisfactory or poor.


We are very proud of our inspection reports and hope you enjoy reading them.

Please click below to view the most recent inspection reports carried out by ISI.