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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Welcome to Steephill Pre-School.



  • Where the children learn through play, in a simulating environment. 
  • Children take part in a range of activities based on their interests, both inside and outside. 
  • Where the children engage in activities that allow them to learn independently and at their own pace.
  • Learning is fun with a balance of child and adult led activities.    

Pre-School 2023-2024

Welcome back, we hope you have had a wonderful Summer holiday.

For useful information please find the following documents below.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Pre-School 2022-2023

Recommended Reading List for Pre School


Just in time for World Book Day!


Please check out the recommended reading list for Pre School pupils by clicking on the link below.


Search results - Peters


Challenge - How many books on the list can you read?

Summer Term 2023.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back, and hope that you have had a lovely Easter break.



Spring Term 2022.

We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas time.  

Please find our Spring Term document below. We have given you a hard copy; which you will find in your child's bag. 

Looking forward to working with you all.

Best Wishes,

Maureen Shepherd 



Autumn Term 2021

Summer holidays always go so quickly! We hope that you have all had a nice relaxing summer. 

We look forward to welcoming you back. 

The EYFS Statutory/Development Matters documents have been revised by the Government and these come into effect from the 1st September, 2021.  

We will still be using tapestry, so do look in to see the fun and learning.

Summer Term 2021

Welcome to the summer term. Lets hope that we will have a full term at school, and that home learning will stay a thing of the past!!

We hope that you are enjoying seeing the pictures and short video clips of the things that your children have been doing on Tapestry.  Parents/Carers a summary plan has been sent to you by email.

We will post a few pictures on this site from time to time. 

Best Wishes,

Maureen Shepherd



Tuesday, 20th April,2021

A few photographs - first day back, a lovely sunny day.

Fun in the sun!

Autumn Term 2020

It is so nice to see the children back after the summer break and looking so happy too.

We have two new children who joined us this week Carter and Summer. Three other children came for their taster day today and will be joining us over the next couple of weeks. 

All of your children appear happy and settled.

I hope that you managed to read the Welcome back doc. sent to you by e-mail. We have today put a hard copy into your child's bag.

I will post some photographs next week.

Enjoy the weekend.

Kind Regards,

Maureen Shepherd. 


Tuesday 10th November,2020


We hope that you are enjoying seeing how your children are developing on Tapestry.


Please find a few pictures below.


Best wishes


Friday, 9th October, 2020

We hope that you are all keeping well. Here are some photographs of things that adorn the walls in the PS classroom at the moment. 

We hope that you have been able to access Tapestry and see photographs of your children involved in various activities.

Friday, 11th September, 2020

From a cold start this morning, what a beautiful afternoon it has turned out to be.

We have just come in from the field where the children have been running around and blowing bubbles. Much excitement, everyone loves a bubble wand!!

We have been looking at Harvest this week, Libby brought in an abundance of things that she found in the park. Libby showed and talked about it to her peers yesterday. Today for show and tell she kindly shared, letting others show some of her finds. Thank you Libby. Don't forget to find something for the nature interest table, could be something as simple as a corn on the cob, apple, tomato. It is nice if the children bring something to show and join in.  

Now that we are using Tapestry, there will not be that many photographs to post in future, as they are taken on two different devices.  

We had two new children join us this week. Rhea and Amar. We welcome them both into our Pre-School.

Please find a few photographs below.


Summer Term 2020

In these unprecedented times, everything seems so strange. We hope that this finds you all safe and well.

We have some sort of normality back in Pre-School. The children who have returned all seem happy and glad to be back with their friends.

Please find a few photographs taken since we have re-opened.

Wednesday, 8th July, 2020

We have had two sports mornings and two parties to enable all children to take part in both sports day and end of year party.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all fourteen of our children moving on to Reception, every good wish for the future. We look forward to welcoming Libby, Pippa, Eiliyah and Maddison back in September.

It has been a real pleasure to have taught all of your children this year and we will certainly miss those who are moving on.

Enjoy the Summer break.

Maureen, Amanda and Tracey. 


Please see photographs below. 



Friday, 26th June, 2020

Another week, they seem to be going so fast. It is lovely to see more and more children returning to school.

The children have had great fun making bracelets this week. Lots of good hand-eye coordination, some made two or three. 

We are planning to have some fun activities/celebrations next Friday and the following Tuesday, for end of year. Hopefully these two days will mean that every child gets a chance to join in. 

Please find some photographs below of children being children!! 

Friday, 19th June, 2020.

It is nice to see most of the children back at school now. They have been getting on well, with only a few scraps!!

Please find some photographs below. 

Friday, 12th June, 2020

Spring Term 2020

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Please find our summary/welcome back document below. 

Monday, 16th March,2020

We had an enjoyable Science week.

We used our globe to find the North Pole and looked at ten different animals that live there.

We froze water and watched it melt, touching ice. We also dyed daffodils using capillary action with red food colouring.

On Friday we made boats some using play dough and some tin foil. We made masts and used our water play tray to see if they would sink or float.

Thursday, 5th March 2020

We have had a very exciting, noisy day today. Everybody joined in World Book Day (even Mrs Latter and Mrs Shepherd)! The costumes were all lovely and the children had a fun time. Lots of books were read and the children were quite taken with Funny Bones!!   

Friday, 28th February, 2020

Although it was very cold this week. We decided to wear our forest suits and use the outdoor play equipment during our PE lesson. The children had an enjoyable time.   

It snowed quite hard during our Forest School session this week. The first time we have experienced snow in the forest.

Today we were treated to a taster session of short tennis. Children listened carefully to instruction, doing warm up exercises and waiting patiently for their turn.

Many thanks to Sarah Allan for taking time to spend with the children.  

Have posted pictures below.