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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Daffodils by William Wordsworth




I chose daffodils because it is a calm and peaceful poem. It is fun poem and my favourite bit is when the waves  besides them dance. It is a nice and easy poem to learn, and it makes me fell relaxed.


By Oliver M.

Avi also liked this poem:

I thought the poem was very calm because it is about peaceful things like daffodils. I like it because the speaker is talking about how daffodils can cheer him up. The speaker is happy because he is with the daffodils.

Daffodils is ever popular! Eva chose it as one of her favourites as well! Here's what she says:


I like this poem because it is simple, and uses lovely language.


The speaker describes being lonely, but is then distracted by the sight of thousands of beautiful daffodils.


It is a poem about finding joy in the beauty of nature


By Eva

This poem is a really happy poem. I like the way the poet uses the stars in the sky and waves in the sea to describe a field full of daffodils. You can imagine a field of daffodils swaying in the breeze as you read through the poem.


By Aaliya

Well, it seems these daffodils have warmed Class V's hearts on Snow Day #3 because Lia likes it too:


Listening to the first paragraph made me smile thinking of the open fields of blooming daffodils, with the sun shining bright, this made me feel warm inside.

By Lia

Milo also liked this poem - 


This poem is a good poem because it is a very uplifting poem. The poem was inspired by a real life event. 

This famous poem simply describes the joy of suddenly discovering a field full of dancing with daffodils. The poet watched them dance with the wind with happiness and later when he is back at home the images popped into his mind and his heart became very happy.


By Jia

 Daffodils is a poem that makes you feel good about life. It says that even when you are by yourself and lonely or missing your friends, you can use your imagination to find new friends in the world around you.



                                                                                              By Aimee