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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Autumn term 1


Class information

Forest School


We have been having lots of fun in Forest School this term.


Some of the children chose to do leaf rubbings looking at the texture and shape of the different leaves. Some children chose to make leaf crowns, using a chart to identify the leaf before sticking it on.


Some of the children made their own stick men using the square lashing knot to bind two sticks together - can you spot them hiding in the trees?


In maths this week we started to learn about time. The children enjoyed using their own clocks to make different O'Clock times. The children then had the challenge of matching digital clocks to analogue clocks that were showing the same time!

Old toys


Thank you to Mr Harvey who came in to school this week to share some of the toys that he played with when he was younger. We met Big Ted who is a Teddy made of straw, we looked at action men and some old metal cars. We all had chance to look through a view finder at some different pictures and played with an old metal farm. A favourite from all had to be the horse racing game where we all had to guess which horse would win the race.




This week we started our new topic on 'toys'. The children all brought in their favourite toys from home and shared these with the rest of the class. We all enjoyed looking at, and playing with the selection of toys. Thank you parents for sending these in.


A big thank you to all parents that came and supported us in our Harvest service at the church on Monday. All of your kind donations will be gratefully received by the Gravesham Food Bank and elderly members of our local community.


In class this week we have had a focus on Harvest which started on Monday by making our own portraits of scarecrows. We then read the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and have started to retell the story using our typing skills in ICT (we will finish these off next week).


Our DT project this term is titled 'Eating more fruits and vegetables'. We have looked at where some of our different fruit and vegetables come from and how they are harvested. We spoke about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables and how it keeps our bodies healthy. On Friday the children got to taste some different fruits (some were definitely more popular then others). The children then made a fruit kebab made up of their favourite fruits.


Next week we are going to keep track of some the fruits and vegetables that we eat, making sure that we eat a rainbow of colours.



Welcome Hawks and Kestrels to Upper I.

We can't believe that it is Week 4 next week already! The children have all settled in well and have been learning many new things!


In Science we have been investigating our Senses through touching, tasting and smelling different things. Some of the children found tasting Marmite more disgusting than others!