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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Autumn Term 1

Autumn term information

Upper I now have their own bags to keep all their outdoor wear in - lets hope that this keeps their belongings together and the cloakroom nice and tidy :)

Week 5 (wc 2.10.17)


This week Mr Harvey very kindly brought in some of his old toys to share with the class. The children had already prepared some interesting questions to ask, and they learnt a lot about why toys in the past are different from those today. The children heard stories about cowboys and Indians and met 'Big Ted', an old straw teddy bear. The children enjoyed playing some of the different games, especially the horse racing game where they got to choose which horse will win the race. 


A big thank you to Mr Harvey for bringing along your toys :) 


Miss Harvey xx


(pictures to follow)

Week 4 (wc 25.9.17)


This week in Maths we will be learning about time. We will be looking at:

- The days of the week

- The months of the year

- How to tell the time to O'clock on both digital and analogue clocks.


In English we will be looking at stories about friendship.

- We will be looking at problems in different stories and how we can solve them.

- We will be thinking about the structure of stories and looking at the beginning, middle and end.

- We will look at the characters in the stories and show empathy towards them.


Our Grammar focus this week will be looking at capital letters and full stops when writing sentences.

Week 3 (wc 18.9.17)


In Maths this week we learnt about money. We learnt:

- the different coins that we have

- the value of the different coins

- how much money was in different purses by adding the coins

- making different amounts (some of us can do this up to 20p by using their tens and units)


In English we listened to the story of Rainbow Fish.

- We described the setting, and made our own under the sea pictures showing the setting.

- We added speech to the story using speech bubbles.

- We retold the story using a story board.



Below are some games to help with what we have been learning.