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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Summer Term 1

Summer term information

Musical Instruments


Upper I really enjoyed their DT day where they were set the challenge to design and make their own instrument.

Mr Diedo's challenge


Mr Diedo set Upper I a fun challenge. They had to solve 4 different problems working as a group. The first team to finish got the combination to a treasure chest and in this box was a map to find the treasure.

We all had a lot of fun ... Thank you Mr Diedo.

Country Dancing


Well done to all of Upper I for their brilliant dancing at the fete on Saturday. I think the audience were really impressed with your moves :)

Forest school


The children have been continuing to enjoy Forest School sessions.

This week we learnt about different knots - clove hitch knot and square lashing. The children then used their skills to make their own stick men. 

I set the children the task of making shelters for different animals that we might find in the forest.

The children worked in groups and had to use their communication and problem solving skills. I was impressed with everyone's efforts.

Barnaby Bear


Our Geography topic this term is following the journey of Barnaby Bear around the world.

We will be learning about the different continents and the oceans around the world.


We will be looking at the climate in different places, different ways of travelling, houses, animals and tourist attractions.


If you have been anywhere exciting then please bring in postcards or souvenirs from that country. I would love to hear about the places that you have visited.

Countries that Barnaby Bear has visited so far....

The children made information books about the different animals that you might see on Safari in Kenya.

Thank you to Fareedah and Grace for bringing in some traditional Nigerian clothing for us all to look at.

Leeds Castle

We had a brilliant day at Leeds Castle.

We had a tour of the castle, a Science/Literacy workshop looking at the story of Sybil the Cygnet, we got lost in the maze and to finish off we had lots of fun in the knights' realm playground.

The children were really well behaved and we had lots of fun :)

Forest School

Upper I have been enjoying Forest School sessions this term.

The children have been on treasure hunts, been playing hide and seek, looking at different insects and plants, building shelters, digging, making journey sticks and some have been using as a chance to have a relax :)

The children have been really enjoying these sessions and I am looking forward to sharing more skills and knowledge with the children.