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‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Steephill Independent School and Pre-School

‘Pupils are at the heart of everything we do’

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Hello Kestrels! 

September 2018

Week 1

3.9.18 - Fun and games with the parachute :)

L1 H&K during Music and Movement

6.9.18 - A creative afternoon of sponge painting and decorating biscuits :)

Tiyi & Temikemi
Hammad and Sofia
Howard, Tiyi & Sofia
Finished designs - smiley faces :)

7.9.18 - Paddington's 'Marmalade' Picnic with the L1 Hawks :)

Liza & Sofia
A big group story time...
and the story continues...
Mrs Fenning - sandwich maker!
Howard & Tiyi
Abi & Asal

Week 2

13.9.18 - French Food Tasting... yummy croissants with jam and chocolate brioche!

Sofia loves the croissant with jam!
Hammad is not quite sure...
Smiles all round from Avneet and Abi :)

14.9.18 - Exploring and ordering the Numicon tiles 1-10


Week 3

17.9.18 - Congratulations to Sofia and Hammad on receiving their very first Merit badge from Mrs Birtwell :)

10+ stars earned for great work & behaviour!

19.9.18 - Scarecrow making...end results to follow!

Week 4 

24.9.18 - Congratulations to Liza, Tiyi, Sami, Temikemi, Avneet, Callum and Abi on receiving a merit badge today :)

10+ stars earned for good work and behaviour!

25.9.18 - Outdoor Games with the Pre-School :) We are getting good at working as a team!

We are lined up and ready...
go team go!

26.9.18 - We put our scarecrows in the sunshine of the Sensory Garden today :) Don't they look wonderful?!!

Check out a few of our amazing scarecrow designs...


26.9.18 - Fish tasting (sardines, pilchards, tuna, mackerel, salmon & prawn crackers) - it was a smelly afternoon!!

27.9.18 - Fun at gardening club - Howard, Avneet, Sofia & Abi working as a team to de-weed the flower beds :)

October 2018

Week 5 

1.10.18 - A big THANK YOU to all the parents who came along to share in our Harvest Service at St Mary's church. All of your kind donations of food, flowers and biscuits will be gratefully received by the Gravesham Food Bank and elderly members of our local community.

AT 'Target Tree' - Can you spot the lovely, leafy hedgehogs from the Lower School Art Club too?!!

Target Tree (in the school hall)

A few targets from Kestrels class...

Temikemi's Target
Elizabeth's Target
Callum's Target

2.10.18 - Funky Fingers training time: letter formation with icing on biscuits :)

Hammad - the letter 'c'
Sofia - the letter 'k'

3.10,18 - Crusty and Tiny the Tortoises came to visit us!!!

Callum with Crusty & Tiny
Temikemi feeding Tiny the Tortoise

Week 6 

Indoor PE - Large apparatus session :)

Take a look at our amazing art work...what natural objects have we used?

Art by Hammad, Howard & Tiyi
Art by Abi & Sofia
Art by Sami
Art by Josie, Liza & Temikemi
Art by Callum & Sami
Art by Avneet & Asal

9.10.18 - L1 H&K plus the P/S visited Pizza Express in Rochester - CHECK OUT OUR PICTURES ON THE CLASS TAB!

Week 7

Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a restful half term :) The weather has certainly turned now with the darker evenings so remember to wrap up warm!

Have fun...
and stay safe!!!!

31.10.18 - We ALL enjoyed the pumpkin carving with the Hawks!!!!

Avneet, Abi & Sofia
Tiyi, Howard & Temikemi
Asal, Liza & Hammad

31.10.18 - Indoor PE with the large apparatus :)

Howard climbing the wooden ladder
Abi & Sofia take a spin on the bar!
Well done girls :)
Next Abi slides...
& Sofia climbs!
Tiyi & Temikemi experiment with jumping!
Look at Avneet's determination!
Callum's big jump :)
Callum wanted to climb to the very top!

November 2018

2.11.18 - Communication Group Challenge with Mr Diedo: Making a tower out of cards! How did we do?

The frustration stage!
And Howard's beginning to get the idea...
keep going, keep going...
Callum carries it on...
Yes...our tower is complete!!!!

Week 8

8.11.18 - Forest School was rather chilly today but the children still enjoyed free play, making flames and stick play :)

Base camp with canopy
Making flames
Team work
Free play
Having fun!
Gruffalo time...
with friends!!

9.11.18 - The girls were 'junk modelling' this morning :) They made rockets of our class display!

Week 9 

6th, 8th & 9th Novemeber - Our new classroom display is READY!! Take time to come and see all of the children's fabulous writing and artwork. Everyone worked incredibly hard last week :)

Splatter painting, 3D rockets & safety posters!

12.11.18 - Congratulations to Howard, Sofia, Tiyi, Abi, Hammad, Avneet & Asal on receiving a merit badge in assembly today!

Kindness Week 

14.11.18 - The Kestrels made hand charts to track their "kind" words and actions for the week ahead! How many good deeds do you think they can do?

Asal's Chart
Tiyi's Chart
Hammad's Chart

16.9.18 - Sequencing numbers 10 - 20 & creating number values to 20. Well done girls, super team work!!

Team 1
Team 2
Fast working team 1!
Well done team 2!
Problem solving...
& creating numbers to 20 :)

Week 10

20.11.18 - Congratulations to Sami, Callum, Josie, Abi & Temikemi for receiving a merit badge in assembly today! 


Today we were so lucky to eat home-made pumpkin pies - a BIG thank you goes to Mrs Bajer! They were yummy :)

We ALL love pumpkin pie!!!!!

Liza, Hammad, Callum, Avneet, Tiyi & Sopia
Temikemi, Abi, Asal & Howard

23.11.18 - Designing and making a 'house' for A Little Pig :) What fabulous creative skills were being used this morning, well done everyone!

Asal's house
Hammad's house
Callum's house
Sofia's house
Liza's house
Temikemi's house
Howard's house
Avneet's house
Tiyi's house

Week 11

26.11.18 - Congratulations to Tiyi, Avneet, Liza and Asal for receiving a merit badge today!

27.11.18 - HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY at Steephill School :)

Well done to the L1 Kestrels for representing the following 10 countries: Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, India, Iran, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa and Spain. 

What brilliant outfits, props and flags!

Tiyi, Temikemi & Hammad from Nigeria
Avneet from Dubai
Howard from Australia
Elizabeth from China

29.11.18 - A breezy Forest School today with the Pre-School :)

Hamma's stick play
Darcey is climbing trees
Elliot is exploring
Group fun with the magnifying glasses
Creating patterns with sticks
A worm house!
Hide & Seek
Drinks at snack time!

December 2018

Week 12

7.12.18 - This week I had the pleasure of taking the Hawks and Upper 1 to the Forest School. It was a really wet and blustery morning but the children loved it and had lots of fun! There was water collecting, mud mixing, tree climbing, imaginative play and natural soup making...what a busy time we had :)

7.18.19 - The Kestrels and Hawks danced the night away at the Lower School 'Christmas Party'. Well done to the boys who won the dance off!! :)

Week 13

13.12.18 - A wonderful homemade Christmas Lunch by Mrs Collins and her catering team :)

13.12.18 - This afternoon pupils from Year 6 came to read their Christmas stories to the Kestrels, what fantastic writing! Thank you for taking the time to share these with us :)

Vishnu & Eva's stories
Yasmine, Oliver N & Emily's stories
Aimee, Milo & Oliver B's stories

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

we will see you all in 2019!!!

Best wishes from

Mrs Clarke, Mrs Leslie & Mrs Fernandez xxx

January 2019

Week 1

9.1.19 - L1 Hawks and Kestrels visited St Mary's Church in Fawkham to learn all about the Epiphany :)

10.1.19 - Our first Spring Term outing to Forest School was a very cold and crisp! We welcomed 5 new Pre-School friends to our Base Camp today :)

Walking the boundary line
Stick play
On the look out!
Tree hugging :)
Group play
Gruffalo friends
Imaginary play
Ball play
Checking the equipment
More digging!

Week 2 

Mrs Clarke has been poorly this week

- sorry no pictures! 

Week 3

24.1.19 - A frosty Forest School morning with the Pre-School :) Exploring ice, digging, free play & exploration!

25.1.19 - Number Bonds to 10 using the Numicon. Everyone is working so hard! :)

Week 4

30.1.19 - Spring Term Targets from Lower 1 Kestrels. What lovely writing everyone!

Hammad & Abi
Sami & Temikemi
Tiyi & Avneet
Callum & Howard
Sofia & Asal
Josie & Elizabeth

31.1.19 - A snowy Forest School day!

Our journey begins to FS past the sensory garden.. we go...
wow - look what we found!!!
Snow fun and exploration :)
Darcey's snow angel

February 2019 

A visit to New Ash Green Library 

1.2.19 - Exploring fiction and non-fiction books at New Ash Green library today. We will be visiting again on Friday 15th March!

1.2.19 - A Visit from Kent Police. The children were able to sit in the police car, watch the flashing lights/hear the sirens and have their fingerprints taken. What a fun filled afternoon!! :)

Week 5

5.2.19 - Science Day:

'House Building' by L1 Kestrels 

6.2.19 - Happy Chinese New Year! L1 Kestrels and Hawks celebrated by eating Chinese foods :) Yummy!!

Week 6

14.2.19 - Miller the Guide Dog puppy came to visit us in assembly. We were lucky enough to give him a pat on the way back to the classroom! :)

Mrs Merit & Miller
Whole School Assembly
Miller is showing his training skills.
Tiyi pats Miller
Temikemi & Miller
Miller meets L1 children

End of Spring Term 1! The lovely Hawks Class made us some Valentine's/Friendship cakes :) We ALL feel very loved!!!

Asmi & Abi
Alex & Howard
Shereen & Avneet
Temikemi & Anirudh
Liza & Mofope
Hammad & Nathanael
Tiyi & Miles
Asal & Elijah

Week 7 

28.2.19 - An active Forest School session with Lower 1 Kestrels and the Pre-School :)

Circle Games
Sharing Resources
Den Making
Hiding (cheeky!)
Big Smiles :)
Tree Climbing

March 2019

1.3.19 - Happy St Davids Day everyone!!! In topic work the children made paper daffodils.

Tiyi's Welsh Daffodil
Asal's Welsh Daffodil

4.3.19 - Congratulations to every child in Kestrels class today for receiving a merit badge from Mrs Birtwell in assembly.

6.3.19 - PANCAKE DAY excitement!!!! :)

Every child had a go at tossing (& eating) a pancake!

Oh no!!
Yeay, Abi did it!

Week 8 

Happiness Week 

4-8th March 

7.3.19 - Today was L1 Kestrels Class Assembly and for World Book Day 019 we performed the story 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson.

8.3.19 - In whole school assembly children from each class told jokes to finish 'Happiness Week' off with big laughs and smiles :)

Howard & Avneet confidently told a joke :)

Week 9

15.3.19 - A bright and cheerful trip to New Ash Green library with the whole class! :)

Sofia & Liza in the reading pod
Howard enjoying a fictional story
Tiyi searching the non-fiction books
Exploring & Reading
Group Reading

Week 10 ​​​​​

20.3.19 - Ms Hackett and Mrs Tucker taught Pre-School & L1 Hawks/Kestrels an Irish Dance in celebration of St Patrick's Day :) They had great fun!!

21.3.19 - Exploring 2D shapes and creating animal pictures with a partner.

Sorting shapes...
what will i need to make my animal?
Asal made a dog!
What am I making?!
Cat & rabbit designs
A horse by Avneet

Summer Term 2019

Forest School Fun with the Pre-School :) Using water and digging in the mud!

Lower 1 Kestrels 'Supertato' creations. These are just fabulous!!!!

13.5.19 - Celebratory 'Tibetan Worm Racing' (a whole school activity) GO, GO GO everyone!!!

w/c 13.5.19 - Congratulations to TK INCREDIBLE who won the 'Design a Superhero Outfit'. What a fabulous cap & mask - spreading family love all around!

Temikemi as TK Incredible :)
Super powers = Family & Love!

15.5.19 - Wesak Celebration Candle Holders - Designs by Lower 1 Hawks & Kestrels :)

6.6.19 - Lower School Trip to Wingham Wildlife Park. What a fabulously sunny time we had too :)

25.6.19 - Kestrels Class visit the Cyclo Park in Gravesend. We had lots of fun scooting, playing on the adventure play equipment and in the sandpit :)